EPV series reactive power Complete

Working principle
EPV active reactive power compensation through the external current transformer, real-time monitoring of the load current, reactive power and DSP content through internal analysis of the load current, and then according to the set value to control the PWW signal control signal to the internal IGBT to meet the requirements of the inverter generates reactive power compensation current, finally achieve the purpose of the dynamic reactive compensation.

Product features
1.Speed response time
EPV fast response time <50μs
EPV full response time <15ms

2.Stepless speed regulation
Traditional reactive power compensation, prone to over or under repair, and EPV in the level of compensation, EPV module for blind spot coverage, to achieve continuous switching;

3.Flexible combination of machines to achieve a variety of applications
Users can according to the needs of the EPV module and the SVC with a flexible, to achieve different aspects of the application of the advantages of compensation range from -1~1, while blind spot coverage compensation.

Product structure characteristics
Product advantage
1.Select the latest high-end core devices
By the high-end industrial control chip TMS320F28377D TI's new, high control precision, fast response speed.
The 32 bit dual core CPU+2CLA, clocked at up to 200MHz.
The second generation of complex mathematical operation unit of VCU II, triangle function unit TMU0.
During the 16 phase difference AD sampling, higher accuracy, stronger anti-interference ability.

2.Three level topology
Compared to the traditional high-power SVG two level technology, the three level of EPV has the following advantages.
The small volume,
The high efficiency,
A good output waveform,
The advantages of high reliability.

3.Vacuum contactor
The use of a complete primary sealing process in the vacuum interrupter,The quality is more stable and reliable, while minimizing the Pollution in the production process. Special vacuum interrupter The best quality corrugated pipe and low cut-off value contactor special electric true Air contact material, mechanical life of up to 1 million times.

4.Modular design
The modular design.
Easy to install, easy to expand,The on-site maintenance and debugging easier.
The fault module to exit, negative Automatic distribution to other normal Modular

Product parameters
Rated voltage: 380V
Capacity :100kvar-600kvar optional
Voltage range :+ 20%
Frequency :50/60
Frequency range: + 10%
Switching frequency :16kHz
Overall efficiency: 97%
Reactive power compensation range: -1~1 capacitive to
inductive, stepless speed regulation
Harmonic :5/7/11/13
Three phase unbalance compensation
Corresponding time:less than 15ms
Communication mode :Rs485
Operating interface :8 inch LCD
Communication protocol :Modbus
Temperature -25~+50℃
Elevation :2000m
Weight:80kg (200kvar module)
Cooling: air cooling
Parallel machine :2-5
Protection class :IP20

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